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Employee Credentialing

Daon provides comprehensive employee credentialing and provisioning solutions for government customers and corporations.


Employee Credentialing

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Daon’s Employee Credentialing Solution addresses the full range of business processes required to securely and efficiently credential employees. The solution enables federal agencies and private industry to meet the credentialing requirements for programs such as Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) and it’s accompanying Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 201). The solution design enables a customer-specific employee credentialing lifecycle. The customizable orchestrations allow for processes to be added, removed, or substituted to enable processing beyond pre-enrollment, sponsorship, enrollment, duplicate record checking, vetting and credential creation.

The enrollment process uses DaonEnroll a configurable workstation software application used to capture characteristics of a person to build his/her identity profile. DaonEnroll meets a critical need in programs where a person must be physically present to either establish their identity with identity documents, such as I-9, and/or provide physical characteristics such as a biometric. DaonEnroll eliminates the cost of building and maintaining custom point solutions with a commercial grade software product that is highly configurable to fit the specific business use.

The solution provides electronic record generation for submission though the appropriate agency (FBI, OPM, CAS, ABA, AAAE/SBCN) for complete FBI fingerprint checks and National Agency Check with Written Inquiries (NACI). The Authorizer has the ability to authorize issuance of a badge once the proofing, enrollment and investigative requirements have been met.

Once the employee credential has been created, Daon's Credential Connect provisions users to both physical and logical access control systems enabling the use of new, single use, common credentials across an enterprise. As a PACS/LACS Data Connector, Credential Connect is designed to distribute and synchronize new, modified, or revoked credential (badge) information between these systems in a policy-based, rules-controlled manner.

Daon’s Employee Credentialing Solution is a complete application for implementing best practice credentialing processes and state-of-the art technologies. It addresses the needs of government agencies and private industry.