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Message from CEO

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We identify our friends and family by their appearance, remotely by the sound of their voice, and in the dark by the touch of their hand. Imagine how different the world would be if we could instantly identify and trust anyone we interact with whether face-to-face or over a distance. The foundation of such trust can be provided by a biometrically assured credential. This credential could provide access to a financial account, unlock a secure perimeter, help secure national borders, complete a sales transaction, reduce voter fraud, expedite security screening during travel, and assure the proper recipient of social services and entitlements. The list is virtually endless.

Our clients around the world are confronted with the critical demands associated with achieving this vision. They are facing increased pressure to deliver results and are turning to professionals with proven experience. Increasingly, governments and industry are engaging Daon to craft unprecedented solution frameworks encompassing "best of breed" technologies, with the highest levels of regard for public policy, regulatory compliance, privacy, security, scalability, international standards, and interoperable open systems architecture. Daon works side by side with our clients utilizing a vendor and technology neutral approach assuring a true "best value" solution that is open to incorporate future technological developments and new concepts of operations.

"One Platform – Multiple Mission" frameworks require participation of many government entities, commercial enterprise, the citizenry, and national and international standard setting and regulatory organizations. Daon has been helping governments and businesses around the globe architect biometrically assured identity enterprise solutions encompassing a wide array of stakeholders and participants. Not only do we own the technology (DaonEngine powers some of the most sophisticated biometrics systems in the world) but we also understand the business workflows, the stakeholders' requirements, and the regulatory and public policy issues.

Across the world, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, Daon technology and staff are in action "powering" these systems. For example:

  • Border Management and Immigration — Daon technology powers one of the largest multi-biometric border management systems in the world with over 20,000 border crossings per day.
  • "Uniquely You" — Daon technologies have been selected to manage over 700 million identities bringing together biographic and biometrics attributes to deliver the level of convenience and assurance necessary for the specific transaction that occur in our daily lives as consumers. The level of assurance is done in a dynamic manner matching the required identity attributes to the level of consequence the transaction carries in one's life.
  • Identity Background Checks — Daon helps bring together over 500 different organizations enabling over 4 million biometric based background checks to ensure the protection and verification of identities in the public and private sectors.

A characteristic hallmark of a modern society is the free movement of people and the confidence that fraudsters are not going to impersonate you in our expanding digital and mobile lifestyle. We all want to be able to assert our individual identity anytime, anywhere and anyplace to verify the identity events that occur in our lives, whether that is conducting a financial transaction, approving the transfer of an electronic health record, or establishing trust in the various closed user groups that we choose to join. Daon helps our clients achieve their mission through the use of proven people, proven technology and the ultimate delivery of proven results.

Tom Grissen, Daon CEO