Biometric Research and Evaluation

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The world of biometrics and identity management is very dynamic with new devices and algorithms being taken to market on an almost daily basis and Daon is acutely aware of the operational challenges that the application of biometrics can present in the field through its position as a World leader in the deployment of identity Management solutions.

Understanding the benefits of different biometric technologies and when to apply them to identity Management solutions is one of Daon’s core competencies. The GPS  mission is to provide the surety of outcome our customers require in deploying systems to address their specific identity Management challenges.  Our SME’s are experienced in working with existing and deploying new identity Management solutions.  Our biometric esearch and evaluation services can be applied at any point in program life cycle from initial planning through the evaluation of existing production identity Management systems with or without Daon products.

Our GPS teams use a number of methods and tools to evaluate biometric and identity products, systems and entire identity solutions.  Daon uses, our biometric toolkit Daon Analytics,, to evaluate the latest biometric technologies and assess the performance and conformance of deployed biometrically enabled systems  . In addition, through Daon Analytics, GPS assesses information from multiple biometrics to mathematically predict the most successful combinations (fusion techniques) and present these in an easily consumable manner.