“It has been my privilege to work with Daon since the very start. Over the years we have delivered technology to help governments secure their borders, making travel safer and more convenient. Now we are using our technology, experience and expertise to help corporations to protect their customers online.”
James Ahern Chief Technology Officer

As the CTO of Daon and a member of Daon’s Board of Directors, James Ahern is responsible for the research, development, and cloud services functions within Daon. He has overall responsibly for the technical leadership and direction of all Daon products and services. The Research team works on leading edge technology, developing new biometric algorithms which make it easier for consumers to interact online. The Engineering teams are responsible for the software products Daon delivers which incorporate that leading-edge research and support many of the largest authentication and biometric systems in the world. The Cloud Services team now delivers Daon’s software products as a service for customers with a scalable, secure and fully multi-tenant offering for small and large customers around the globe. James is Daon’s representative to the FIDO Alliance board and is an accomplished inventor with multiple patents to his name.

Prior to joining Daon, James worked at Electronic Data Systems (EDS) for seven years as a Systems Engineer where he developed and delivered computing systems for the US Government, General Motors, and a number of other clients. James holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics from University College Cork.