Applying for a credit card? Please take a selfie (Associated Press)

In an interview with the Associated Press, Tom Grissen, Daon's CEO, expands upon Visa's new platform, Visa ID Intelligence, which allows banks to integrate various types of biometrics including fingerprint, face and voice into approving credit card applications and payments. Read the full article here

My BioPass: your key to access BNP Paribas Wealth Management

Today, more and more high net worth clients are digitally savvy and expect an easy connection with their bankers anytime, anywhere… Yet, many of them still access their client space using complicated passwords or tokens that they can hardly remember. Their client experience is far from optimal. A forward-looking identification system has become essential to keep up with the needs of more and more demanding investors.

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Bank’s Embrace of Mobile Biometrics Nets World Finance Awards (Mobile ID World)

Kuwait’s Gulf Bank has cleaned up at the World Finance Awards 2016, winning both awards for its country in the categories of Best Digital Bank and Best Mobile Banking App. And the company is giving much of the credit to its embrace of biometric technology. Daon is extremely proud to be a part of this innovative solution to provide secure, convenient digital services for Gulf Bank’s customer base.

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