Iberia Covered by VeriFLY Wellness App for Flights to United States

Published by Iberia / Updated 2.25.21

  • For two months, on flights to Miami and New York.
  • The application verifies that the documentation submitted by the clients and their COVID-19 proof meet the conditions required by the destination authorities, so that the clients can travel.
  • Its use is optional; customers will be able to continue to demonstrate that they meet the US entry requirements at the check-in counter, as they have done before
  • VeriFLY can be downloaded for iOS and Android mobile devices.
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British Airways expands the use of digital travel health app, VeriFLY to all inbound international flights to the UK

Published by British Airways 

  • British Airways expands the trial of mobile travel health app, VeriFLY to all inbound international flights to the UK from February 15, optional for all eligible customers

  • British Airways started trials with VeriFLY originally on flights between London and the US during February

  • VeriFLY certifies test certificates and required travel documentation on a personal mobile device

  • British Airways’ parent company, IAG, is also engaged with IATA in the development of its IATA Travel Pass app 

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More Access, More Ease: American Airlines Expands its Acceptance of VeriFLY App at All Airports

Published by American Airlines

Customers can now use the mobile health passport when traveling from American’s US airports to eight countries

  • Using the VeriFLY app, customers can upload documents to meet travel requirements, and American will accept the verification for flights operated from the airline’s U.S. airports to eight countries.
  • This is in addition to the carrier’s recent expansion to accept VeriFLY for international travel to any of American’s domestic airports.
  • American’s joint business partner, British Airways, will also begin using VeriFLY for flights from London to the United States.
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