Convenient Authentication

In the security world, you used to have an option – you could be secure or you could be convenient but you couldn’t have both. With today’s technological advancements that doesn’t hold true anymore. Biometrics, when used in a multi-factor layered approach, enable a fast and easy authentication experience that also provides the highest level of security.

Take a selfie. Speak a passphrase. Touch your finger to the device. This is how easy you can make it for your customers to access their accounts. That’s how easy you NEED to make it for your customers to interact with you online or you risk losing them.

Our customers report that 30-40% of their Net Promoter Score (NPS), is tied to ease of doing business. Authentication is a big part of that equation and by enabling convenient ways to interact with your customers online you turn them into champions of your brand.

What’s the average time to authenticate with facial recognition? Two seconds! That’s all it should take from the time a customer launches your mobile app to them conducting business from wherever they are, whenever they want.


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