Inclusive Authentication

All customers are not created equal. Not everyone has a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner, or readable fingerprints for that matter. To be truly inclusive of all your customer segments you have to give them a choice.

A multimodal approach to biometrics should be considered paramount when deploying your strategy to move away from passwords. Touch ID and Android Fingerprint have done more to advance the use of biometrics on smartphones than any other technology in use today. But are they alone the best replacement for passwords or do your customers need more?

At Daon, we believe that the only way to truly be 100% inclusive of your customers is to provide them with options that best fit their preferences and situational needs. For example, do you only cater to the smartphone elite that actually have a fingerprint scanner on their device? The technology is moving toward ubiquity but only small percentage of your customers have a device with that technology today. All smartphones have a camera and a microphone, so adding face and voice options enables a better user experience for every customer on any transaction.