Customers expect a seamless experience whether doing business within your mobile app, browser, call center, ATM, or branch. Deploy IdentityX® for a mobile-first experience that establishes trust through every customer interaction.

By deploying a mobile-first strategy to authenticate your customers you can ensure a consistent user experience regardless of the channel. Daon’s IdentityX Platform for mobile biometric authentication can establish trust that a person is who they claim to be simply by having them take a selfie, speak a passphrase or touch their finger to the device.

When customers login to your website you can use IdentityX for out-of-band and secondary authentication. A push notification to their device with an authentication challenge enables a fast and trusted process for the user without subjecting them to Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) or having to type in a username and password. It’s a faster, easier and more secure process.

In the call center, a customer’s mobile device can replace current KBA techniques, which tend to be the weakest link and a continual target for fraudsters. This significantly improves the customer experience as well as reducing call center fraud. Your customers can authenticate your mobile app and click a button to contact support. When connected, the representative that answers the call already knows who is on the other end of the line and no additional authentication is required. Alternatively, if the customer calls a support number directly, a push notification can be send to their mobile device requesting an authentication – it’s that easy as long as you establish trust and bind their identity to the device.

You can apply the above logic to all channels, including a branch or ATM to enable a consistent experience no matter how you’re interacting with customers. They key is a strong enrollment process, device-binding and using biometrics to authenticate.