Daon Engine

The DaonEngine Identity Management System stores identity data and then securely shares that data with other systems. It is designed to form the core component of any identity management solution for organizations that require identity lifecycle management and strong identity verification and identification.

DaonEngine is used in a variety of mission-critical identity management systems including government identity programs, border management programs and trusted identity traveler programs.

DaonEngine offers:

  • Secure Identity Storage
  • Identity Searching (multi-modal biometric including fingerprint, face, iris and voice)
  • Biometric Verification & Identification
  • Data Transformation & Search Result Fusion

All through a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Our integration framework allows for the easy interchange of data between external systems and the DaonEngine platform. We also offer SnapIns and Adapters for all leading biometric vendor technology – giving you flexibility of choice without compromising security.

Key Features

The DaonEngine Platform is vendor independent and future-ready for new modalities or technology updates. This reduces the total cost of ownership and future-proofs your investment in an identity management system.

Our proven technology has been selected to secure hundreds of millions of identity records around the world.  Some of the key features include:

Population Management

Categorize and group your identity information into different population sets. Each group can have individual security rules and permissions. This allows you to enforce a strict logical separation of data within a common physical infrastructure.

Open / Extensible Architecture

Many identity management systems on the market today are not built on an open, extensible architecture. This limits the flexibility of their solution and makes it difficult for their customers to integrate other technologies. DaonEngine future-proofs your investment by providing the flexibility to add or change individual solution components throughout a system life cycle. This reduces the total cost of ownership.

Security & Privacy

The Daon Identity Platform has been designed to provide the highest levels of data security through the application of numerous security features.

  • Encrypts all sensitive Identity data within the system
  • Provides a secure audit trail for all system transactions
  • Uses FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic modules
Integration with External Systems

Our framework enables you to provision data to other external systems based on specific events. For example, you can create a business rule so that when you update an ID address in the DaonEngine, it automatically informs any other system (such as a mailing system) of the change.

Equally important is the ability to take an identity from the DaonEngine database and use it to search within other systems. For example, an immigration department may store the identity data of everyone applying for a Visa. But it can also take that information and use it to search a criminal database owned by a police department.

Virtualized Environment Support

The Daon Identity Platform is designed to run on public, private and hybrid cloud computing virtualized environments and is provided with automated (DevOps) scripts for ease of deployment and management allowing the system to elastically scale as the population grows.