DaonEnroll eliminates the cost of building and maintaining custom enrollment solutions by providing a common enrollment platform that integrates with any standards-based Identity Management System, including DaonEngine.

DaonEnroll reduces need for domain knowledge around identity management, biometrics and document capture, thus helping to increase project success rates and timeliness; reduces cost, resource requirements and technical risk.

DaonEnroll includes the following capabilities:

  • Collect, Verify and Store Identity Data
  • Live Photo Image Auto-Capture, ICAO Compliance Checking, Intelligent Cropping
  • Finger – Single/2 print/10 print/Rolls capture, quality check, sequence check.
  • Iris – Dual Iris Capture
  • Signature Capture
  • Intelligent Document Scanning for Passport and ID cards; Flatbed document scanning for breeder documents; Smartcard query, data capture and validation
  • Application Workflow for Enrolment and Identity Verification
  • All of the relevant standards and best practices built-in