Using DaonAdjudicate will allow your organization to utilize the power of your extended workforce to aid with decision making in regards to biometric searches.

DaonAdjudicate is supplied as a HTML5 web component that can be embedded into case management and Business Process Management (BPM) task forms to display search results, information and images from DaonEngine to aid in decision making by investigators. The DaonAdjudicate HTML5 component can be embedded into any BPM product that has a web based user interface.

The DaonAdjudicate web component allows an adjudicator to record the following data for each candidate in a search result list:

  • An overall “match” / “no match” decision on the candidate
  • A comment on the decision
  • The ability to mark regions of interest on the candidate image and record a comment for each

The DaonAdjudicate tool provides the following tools to the adjudicator:

  • Display of fused biometric scores from the candidates
  • Display of Raw biometric scores from the candidates
  • Display of Quality Data (where available)
  • Display of biometric images
  • Pan & Zoom of biometric images
  • Brightness adjustment of biometric images
  • Contrast adjustment of biometric images
  • Color inversion of biometric images
  • Gray Scale conversion of biometric images
  • Mirroring of biometric images
  • Rotation of biometric images

The DaonAdjudicate uses REST webservices to retrieve data about searches and candidate lists from DaonEngine and to persist adjudicator decisions. The BPM tool has access to these decisions to provide input to decision points in the workflow such as escalation processes.