Identity Continuity Across Customer Engagements

Creating a single, delightful identity experience, consistent across all channels, throughout the entire customer journey

Nothing matters more than building lifelong connections with your customers.

Unfortunately, most biometric identity architectures are fragmented, with one system for onboarding, another for authentication, and another still for integration with non-digital channels like contact centers or physical locations.

And the gaps between those disparate identity systems can spoil the user experience, invite fraud, and drive customers away.


For both security and usability reasons, identity processes can no longer be single points of interaction with your customers. Rather, identity must be a mechanism of continual trust between a business and a customer, to be refreshed and enhanced at each stage of the customer’s lifecycle.

When this process involves multiple identity systems from multiple vendors, it’s a recipe for unnecessary customer friction and an invitation for fraudsters to exploit those gaps.

Getting this right means creating a single, delightful identity experience, consistent across all channels, throughout the entire customer journey--from onboarding to authentication, recovery, and beyond.

When a customer interacts with your organization, she wants you to see her as a single person with a single, consistent identity profile—not multiple, separate profiles in stove pipes. Otherwise, she’ll be treated like a friend in one channel but a stranger in another, or she’ll be forced to provide the same information multiple times.

Identity Continuity is the process of consolidating a lifetime of disparate, cross-channel identity interactions into a single, seamless view of the customer.

This lets you personalize and continuously optimize the customer experience, regardless of when, where, how, or why the interaction takes place.


Orchestration is a decades-old concept and an important one. But orchestration alone is not enough.

With an orchestration layer sitting on top, you can call on various systems to work in concert, but these are still separate stove pipes. You’re treating the symptoms of an “identity illness” without solving the underlying problem. What’s missing is the continuity.

Adding the IdentityX core lets you bridge those gaps—creating a single, seamless and continuously evolving profile of the customer.

In fact, that identity profile is the critical link between your customer and your organization and the only real constant in a continuosly changing environment. The power of Identity Continuity is to maintain that relationship even as underlying channels, mechanisms, and technologies evolve.

Daon's IdentityX builds identity continuity into your customer journey, making it simple for customers to maintain, refresh, and re-establish trust whenever it’s required. Uniquely, Daon’s IdentityX goes beyond single points of verification and creates a seamless, cohesive mechanism of trust between you and your customer.

Using our solution, you can immediately provide your users with continuity across the full customer lifecycle while decreasing the risk of fraud and reducing friction through every subsequent encounter.

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