IdentityX Data and Analytics

Access to high-quality digital identity data is the key to tailoring the user experience and strengthening the security of an authentication system. Daon's IdentityX offers rich data on users and transactions, identity administration tools to manage the user's lifecycle, and powerful capabilities to customize authentication requirements according to business rules. Use the Admin Console as a single, role-based portal to configure and manage your IdentityX installation and to view data and analytics on users and transactions.

idx admin figure1 - Identity Administration - Digital Identity, IdentityX Admin
Admin Console Dashboard View


IdentityX Admin Console - Identity Administration

Use system administrative functions to:

  • Create or update tenants (groups of users managed independently)
  • Establish administrator accounts and system-wide roles
  • Set system-wide configuration settings, such as
    • Authenticator Types
    • Face and Voice Quality Settings
    • Push Notifications (Android and iOS)
  • Gather system-wide audits and summary statistics


IdentityX Admin Console - User Lifecycle Functions

Use the Tenant view to execute common user administrative lifecycle functions for users and devices:

  • Edit/Update user information
  • Generate QR codes to add new users or add devices for a user
  • Delete or block users, devices or authenticators
  • Reset a PIN (if applicable)
  • Archive users (deactivate from the system)


IdentityX Admin Console - Orchestration of Business Rules (Authentication Policies) 

IdentityX lets you create powerful, custom authentication policies that specify the number and type of authentication factors required to enroll users in the system and to complete transactions. Custom authentication policies may vary by transaction value, for example:

Products Admin Policies table - Identity Administration - Digital Identity, IdentityX Admin


This flexibility lets you offer a superior user experience while securing transactions of varying risk with appropriate degrees of digital identity authentication.


Reports & Edits 

Daon’s IdentityX platform stores a variety of its own data and user metadata which can be viewed through the browser-based Identity Admin Console or can be exported into 3rd party reporting/analytics systems. Daon IdentityX exposes data in a secure fashion via its Web-services on the IdentityX Administrative Gateway. Data from the Admin Console can also be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

The following is a sampling of the information that is available via the Admin Console or via APIs:

  • Over a specified time period, tenant, applicant, or combinations thereof:
    • Number of enrollments (by modality and total)
    • Number of verification attempts (by modality and total)
    • Number of successful verifications (by modality and total)
    • Verification Time-outs and Retries (by modality and total)
    • User modality preference
    • General usage metrics
  • Obtaining a history of user authentications and mobile devices utilized
  • Reviewing specific details of transactions:
    • Device(s) utilized
    • Date/time of transaction
    • Geographic location of transaction

The screen shot below depicts the “Show User Profile Detail” and the additional User information that can be obtained from this page.


idx admin figure2 - Identity Administration - Digital Identity, IdentityX Admin


Learn more about IdentityX Admin Console

For more information on IdentityX Data and Analytics, and on integrations with third party analytics and reporting systems, get in touch with us here.