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Your Glide Path to Reopening


Glide HealthPass is the "smarter" digital health passport that's flexible and adaptable by design, allowing businesses to build a sophisticated authorization process that meets their unique and continuously evolving specifications.

Getting started is simple:

1. Choose your identity standards (registered mobile device, verified biometric, etc.)

2. Choose your credentials (health questionnaire, diagnostic test result, reservation, etc.)

3. Choose your access points (airport checkpoint, office entrance, facility gate, etc.) 



 "[We’re using Glide HealthPass] to develop solutions and options for travelers that will shape the future of travel and give passengers and employees the tools they need to move through the airport environment with assurance."

Kim Day, CEO, Denver International Airport



Whether you need a simple health questionnaire administered, HIPAA-compliant verification of test results, or end-to-end identity proofing secured by state-of-the-art facial biometrics, the Glide platform helps you strike the perfect balance of security and user convenience, minute-by-minute. 

Users will have countless ways to acquire, verify, and assert their credentials—proof of health status, age, enrollment, citizenship, membership, reservations, and more.
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“[Glide HealthPass] will allow us to detect cases on campus and respond with a full set of resources for faculty, staff, and students. We will be able to communicate important messages in a timely manner, and manage isolation and quarantine more effectively. Most importantly, it will offer our campus community the ability to return to campus with a measure of safety that wouldn't otherwise be possible.”

Dr. Sarah Neal, Head of Anderson University Coronavirus Task Force


Designed for the widest array of organizations and use cases, including: 

  • Enabling recovered individuals to immediately support critical first responders (e.g., volunteers in hospitals)
  • Enabling recovered employees to safely return to work without compromising others or their workspaces
  • Assuring consumers of their safety when interacting with a company or organization’s recovered employees (e.g., hotels, banks, gyms, restaurants, airlines)
  • Elevating consumer trust in recovered workers of the gig economy (e.g., ride sharing, food delivery)
  • Enabling recovered tradespeople to safely enter homes and businesses (e.g., plumbers, electricians)


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