Case Study: Target Professional Services

Innovating the pensions industry with biometrically secured customer app, mypensionID

Discover how pension providers are leveraging biometrics and a user-friendly mobile app, mypensionID, to transform the efficiency of customer communications

The challenge

GDPR requires pension schemes to keep member data updated and to cease payments promptly when beneficiaries pass away. In addition, Target Professional Services, a UK firm specializing in data verification, needed an easier way for schemes to maintain communications with members, and for members to view all their pensions in one place.

The solution

Working with IdentityX, Target developed mypensionID: an innovative app that incorporates Daon's best-of-breed biometrics technology. The app makes it simple and secure for pension schemes to onboard their customers, confirm liveness, and open a two-way digital communications channel for the first time.


One of the UK's largest pension schemes is using mypensionID and two further schemes are in pilot, reflecting the industry's demand for a better means of communications than traditional post and email. Payments to deceased beneficiaries remain a billion-pound problem in the UK, and the app makes it faster and easier for schemes to conduct annual liveness checks with members and maintain up-to-date, GDPR-compliant member details.


Looking to the future, the app could allow liveness checks to be done monthly, instead of annually, representing a significant financial benefit by allowing payments to deceased members to cease more promptly. Target believes that mypensionID, and the biometric security it uses, are a good example of the innovations that will become commonplace as the pensions industry continues its digital transformation.