Case Study: USAA

Mobile banking with no compromise on security

Learn how USAA gave its members a faster, more secure mobile banking experience with Daon biometrics.

The challenge

USAA, founded for military personnel, wanted an easier way for users to authenticate themselves when banking – without compromising on security. The solution also had to appeal to its fast-growing customer segment of mobile-savvy millennials.

The solution

USAA chose the robust biometric authentication of the Daon IdentityX platform, ideal for its dispersed user base, including military personnel overseas. Members were given the option to enroll for face, voice and fingerprint authentication, using their mobile phone's camera and microphone.

This multimodal approach offers important flexibility: members can choose voice authentication when in a dim room, facial recognition in a noisy location, or Touch ID at any time.

The results

Members loved the new options of voice, fingerprint and face recognition, which let them login in just 2 seconds. In the first 10 months alone, over 1 million customers enrolled for biometric authentication. And it's not just millenials who appreciate the service: members over 50 prefer biometrics over having to recall a password.

Robust security

"The use of multifactor authentication through biometrics is one of the most effective ways to increase security protection as traditional passwords become increasingly obsolete."