Large Scale Public Sector Multi-Modal Biometric Systems

Our Identity Management Platform enables a range of public sector solutions.

One Platform... A Range of Public Sector Solutions
One Platform... A Range of Public Sector Solutions

Daon’s Identity Platform delivers the functions of:

  • secure storage
  • multi-modal (finger, face, iris) biometric matching
  • multi-vendor searching
  • matcher coordination
  • multi-biometric fusion
  • services-oriented architecture
  • verification (1:1) as well as identification (1:n)

Building a solution on the DaonEngine platform eliminates the requirement to focus on back-end identity functions, reducing the need for extensive biometric experience while providing a firm foundation for growth and expansion.

The Daon Identity Platform consists of the following products and features:

DaonEngine (Platform Foundation)

DaonEngine is an identity services platform, designed for organizations that require identity lifecycle management and strong identity authentication. The core functions of DaonEngine are:

  • Provides a variety of services as an integral part of an identity assurance system
  • Secure storage
  • Population management
  • Biometrically verify individuals
  • Biometrically identify persons of interest
  • Integration with 3rd party matching and infrastructure solutions
  • Biometric standards and transformation support


DaonEnroll is an identity enrollment and encounter management application, designed for use with either kiosks or PCs that utilize hardware devices to collect biographic and biometric data during a face-to-face encounter with customers.

The core functions of DaonEnroll are:

  • To perform the initial collection of an individual’s identity data for reference purposes
  • Biographical information
  • Biometric data
  • Proof of identity documentation


DaonCapture.JS components can be embedded into third party HTML5 web applications to quickly enable the acquisition of biometric and document data. DaonCapture.JS removes the complexities of integrating multiple data acquisition devices such as cameras, webcams, document scanners and fingerprint scanners.

Our Identity Platform has been deployed in systems managing hundreds of millions of identities around the world and in a variety of public sector solutions including:

  • Australia’s Department of Home Affairs
  • Government of Japan, Ministry of Justice Automated Border Control
  • Unique Authority of India – National Adhaar Identity System
  • New Zealand Immigration – Border Control System


DaonAdjudicate provides human adjudication capabilities for biometric matches. It is a web component that can be embedded into case management and business process management (BPM) task forms to display search results, information and images from DaonEngine to aid in decision making by investigators.

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